CSU Reactions to Servant Leadership implications Discussion

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In this unit we focused more on followers and how leaders can serve them. Discuss your reactions to these approaches as compared to the other theories we have studied this semester. If you are having trouble formulating your post, consider the following questions:

Which of the servant leadership characteristics are present, explicitly or implicitly, in other leadership theories? Which are unique?

Which servant leadership characteristics are fixed traits versus learnable skills?

Can you think of anyone in your life you would identify as exhibiting the characteristics of servant leadership? To what extent do they align with the list of characteristics? Are their elements you would add?

Do the follower-centric approaches imply power differentials (e.g., those with power and authority choose to be “servants” for others)?

To what extent can leaders of varying social locations (e.g., gender, age, ethnicity, ability) exhibit follower-centric leadership and be received similarly both within their identity groups and outside them?


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