CTU Unit 3 Individual Project

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Assignment Description

As the leader of the planning team, prepare a memo for the team members. That memo should include information that was discussed in the most recent meeting along with the recommended changes by the team members. Additionally, the leader will provide the type of resources that can be expected to be found at the terminals for each of the modes. Possible limitations that could be found at the intermodal connection points will be included. A differentiation of the expected resources from the mode entry or exit point in the continental United States (CONUS) and the entry or exit point in the overseas theatre of operations should also be discussed.

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Reading Assignment

Coyle, J. J., Novack, R. A., Gibson, B. J., & Bardi, E. J. Chapters 10 and 11

Assignment Objectives

Students will demonstrate their ability to identify intermodal specific problems and present practical solutions to interface between transportation modes in environments containing both an enriched and primitive infrastructure.

Students will examine the impacts on capacities of the infrastructure and timeframes for movement of equipment, materials, and supply in both crude and enriched environments.

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