D1: the benefits and challenges of nonprofit organizations

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See Attached. 

D1: The Benefits and Challenges of Nonprofit
This discussion is intended to help you grapple with the benefits and challenges
of the structure of your proposal for a new program in a nonprofit organization.
Based upon your community problem, identify a type of nonprofit organization
that would be an appropriate host for your program. Provide a rationale for your
choice. Then, complete your initial post with at least two benefits and one
challenge for adopting a nonprofit organization model for your program.

● Page length: Write a 2-3 paragraphs
● Communication: Use professional academic writing and apply current APA

format and style for citations and references.
● Resources: Support your work with a minimum of 2 reputable sources,

including required readings and other scholarly or professional sources
such as peer-reviewed journals.

● Font and size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


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