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The term “focus population” refers to those over the age of 65 or those who may be dealing with age-related health issues in a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) study that focuses on the elderly.

In healthcare research and practice, the elderly are a crucial demographic to concentrate on since they have particular healthcare demands and may suffer from chronic illnesses, cognitive and functional decline, and social isolation, among other difficulties. Also, the elderly utilize medical services more often than people of other ages, which may be quite taxing on the healthcare system.

By addressing concerns including fall prevention, chronic illness management, medication management, mental health, and social support, a DNP project that targets the elderly may seek to enhance healthcare outcomes for this group. The project may include developing and putting into practice initiatives that improve the standard of care given to the elderly and their general health and wellbeing (Moody & Pasquale, 2020). Such a project’s ultimate objective would be to encourage healthy aging and improve the standard of living for this significant and vulnerable demographic.

you have identified the population you’re interested in and conducted the preliminary needs assessment for a health issue(s) or unhealthy behaviors. You probably noticed that there is a gap in healthcare and/or population health programs for that population. Describe 1) what is the current gap in clinical practice, public health practice, or in the scientific literature for the selected population and their health issue(s), and 2) what qualitative and/or quantitative measures can shed insight.  

Please limit this to 2-3 paragraphs.  Remember to cite your work.


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