Db: learning about organizations 2 responses

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 In response to your peers, share some creative ways to help them secure answers to the questions they would ask about the organization. 

1#  There is an organization in my Fitchburg Mass community called LUK. This not-for-profit organization helps children and their families to get where they need to be in life and exceed at it. They take these families as is with no judgment to work together as a team and allowing each individual to be apart of their plan making. The five additional things I would want to know are; Is this a place where someone can grow and move up the ladder or is this a place where you have your spot and you just become better and better at your spot? Is this a place that dedicates themselves to and ensures that the staff as well are culturally competent to take on the roles they perform? How do you go about knowing whether someone is fulfilling their job objectives when it comes to these families and youth they are working with? What protocol is put in place for someone in the organization who has a bias and isn’t speaking on it but yet the complaints and comments don’t add up to the person you know or thought you knew (colleague)? How do you guys promote yourselves?and what happens if there comes a year where you receive little to no donations? is there a backup plan put in place for that?

As an African American young women These questions are importatnt for me to know in order to know if my time and goals are being taken seriously.I want to work somewhere I can grow and move up in the ranks and even a place is bias towards my culture growing at least I took the tools to equip me to grow in another or really start my own.

2#  The human service organization I have chosen in my area is the Charles County Department of Social Services. Some additional things that I would want to know about the organization before I would consider working for them are:

  • Do they have programs or assistance for helping the homeless find a safe place to live?
  • What form of security do they have to protect the worker if something were to happen in the building when there is only a security check-in at the entrance of the building?
  • What are some pros and cons of working with this company?
  • What are their protocols and actions for helping people?
  • What action do we take as workers to ensure that the people we serve are doing what they need to do to maintain their service?

The questions that I would have specifically about the organization’s leadership or pose directly to its leaders is, How come the system only help the ones that are not working get service like food stamps, health insurance, etc.., but for other low-income people that work, and still struggle with things can not get any help even though our hard work taxes go to paying for the food stamps and things.


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