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Hey guys, please press the link to view the view on my project.

On my project, I have chosen to focus on post stroke patients because it’s a population I already work with in my work setting. My main focus for this population is post stroke depression and cognitive impairment. As indicated by Nash, et al, population health is the ‘distribution of health outcomes within a population, the health determinants that influence distribution, and the policies and interventions that affect those determinants” (2021, p.3). The need to have an holistic approach to determine the health care needed for the stroke population is vital. In my understanding, preliminary assessment is basically a pre-assessment or rather evaluation of my chosen population group. As indicated by Nash, Determination of the burden and etiology of the disease, the natural history and progression of the disease, health care services and interventions, and provision of a knowledge base of the disease would be beneficial. Stroke can be debilitating to an individual especially if the individual has residual disability after the stroke. Having a vast understanding of the disease process and determining factors that would avoid repeated strokes as well as educating the patient on the new norm is essential.

Respond to each response with a paragraph 

Hi, I am sorry for the late post.

The topic of racial disparity was brought to my attention by my co-workers in the ALS clinic. The number of patients we receive that are not the majority and have been misdiagnosed is a high rate. We want to create a space for patients to be seen and heard when they are having symptoms.

“The Campinha-Bacote model, one of many that explore cultural competency, describes the constructs as cultural awareness, cultural encounters, and cultural desire” (Nash et. al., 2021).

Decreasing racial disparity can save lives if all healthcare workers no matter their ethnicity realize their own biases.

Minorities have a higher rate of mortality and or are diagnosed later than their majority counterparts.

“Blacks or African Americans (referred to as black in this chapter) are the third-largest racial/ethnic population in the United States after whites and Hispanics, while the life expectancy gap is narrowing, there are still very worrisome challenges in health equity” (Nash, et. al., 2021)


Nash, D., Skoufalos, A., Fabius, R. J., and Oglesby, W. H. (Ed.). (2021). Population health: Creating a culture of wellness (3rd Ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett. – This book is available as an eBook with unlimited users. Visit: https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.proxy.library.vcu.edu/lib/vcu/detail.action?pqorigsite=primo&docID=5966871

Respond to each response with a paragraph 


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