500 words statement.
Practicing safely in the clinical environment requires a commitment
to the continuous process of learning new skills. It is a requirement of clinically-focussed professions to engage in CPD and also to maintain an accurate and detailed record of this process.

This essay requires you to construct a 500
word written statement that outlines your impending professional obligations to CPD, and explains how this can be achieved using a portfolio.

Include in your written statement:
• a definition of continuing professional development;
• specific requirements for professional development as outlined
by either the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia or
Paramedics Australasia (as appropriate for your program of
• an explanation of how a portfolio can be used to evidence CPD;

Your response needs to be supported by relevant published evidence (text-book or journal articles) that help explain your
response to the assessment question. Do not use consumer resources such as printed brochures, hospital consumer leaflets, or consumer websites.