Describe the conversation and your initial understanding of how it went.

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Part 1: The Conversation

· Briefly, describe the conversation and your initial understanding of how it went.  (No citations needed)

 Part 2: Academic Analysis of the Discussion (Cite liberally in this section)

· Share whether you have a tendency to go to silence or violence.  Did your style play out in that conversation? If yes, how?

· Did you use any of the following skills: apologize, contrast, or creating a mutual purpose? If yes, what impact did it have on the conversation (remember to define each term)?

· How will you use the knowledge of your style under stress and your TKI default conflict mode(s) to improve your skills?



Textbook Readings

· Block, P. (2011). Flawless Consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.

· Read pp. 37-50; 121-128

· Patterson, K., Grenny, J., McMillan, R., & Switzler, A. (2002). Crucial conversations: Tools for talking when stakes are high. New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

· Read pp. 33-102

· Fisher, R., Ury, W., & Patton, B. (2011). Getting to yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in. New York, NY: Penguin Books.

· Read pp. 19-41

· Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument: Read all.


·, Brene’ Brown – The Power of Vulnerability (Links to an external site.)

·, Sharon Salzberg –  How Mindfulness Empowers Us (Links to an external site.)

· Style Under Stress Assessment is free and available  here (Links to an external site.) .

· Instructor Video on TKI Assessment (Links to an external site.) Shape, arrow Description automatically generated

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