Description of Assignment:   This assignment is both a written and practical assignment that will demonstrate your skills in the creation of database driven web pages   TASK 1   Create a MySQL databas

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Description of Assignment:

This assignment is both a written and practical assignment that will demonstrate your skills in the creation of database driven web pages


Create a MySQL database containing a single table (games) for an online games store. The games table will store information about games with the minimum of the following fields: game title, genre, year of release, publisher, screenshot, and a written review and (possibly) other fields of data relating to games. Choose appropriate data types and widths for each field.

Note 1) As your database server might not allow you to choose the database name any name is acceptable for this

Note 2) The screenshot data does not need to be stored inside the table. Commonly this will contain a local file path or URL that can be used as a web hyperlink

Use PhpMyAdmin to add 5 records to the games table based on existing information which you will research on existing games websites.

Create a username and password that can access this database using your firstname+lastname and a password of your own choice. This account should have full access to the database.

Create a webpage that connects to your database using PHP. Store the information the connection needs (database name, table name, username /password) in PHP variables. Display a message in the webpage when a successful connection is 2.3]

Create a Word document


that contains

  1. A screenshot of your working webpage
  2. A well commented listing of your HTML/PHP code


You will build on your work in task 1 and develop the database to the next stage

Using the existing records in your games db you will need to create the following:

  • You will create a display all records page which lists all the items in the database in a html table using a control structure [1.3]
  • You will create an insert form to allow games to be added to the database, implement validation checks so that data is correctly entered. [4.2] [5.4]
  • Create a complex query by creating an update page which will allow users to edit the games in the database [4.3]
  • You will create a delete page which will allow you to delete games records in the database. [4.4]
  • You will create a basic search engine form which allows the user to search on multiple fields on the database and give back a results page based on those fields

For this You will need to create a complex query using SQL and execute this query on the remote database. This results page will use single control structures for selection and iteration such as conditional statements and loops to go through all the records. [3.1] [4.1]

  • You will extend this page to show a list of games titles outputted as hyperlinks which then take you to more detail about the game that is chosen [3.2] [3.3]
  • You will make a single page which has links to all these different pages you have made – all records, insert record, delete record, update records and search .
  • Finally you will password protect access to this page [6.1]

To document this work, you will create software documentation for the user, this will have three parts.

Task 2a) Write an introductory section which explains how requirements can vary between the client (games store owner) and end user and explain the importance of an effective user experience [1.1]

Task 2b) Create and justify your user interface by producing design documentation in the form of wireframes and sketches to meet the specific client requirements as outlined below. [1.2]

The client requirements are

  • The website application should work on mobile phones
  • There should be a main menu to move between the different pages such as display all records, insert, delete, update and search
  • Instructional text and menu labels should be intuitive
  • There should be prompts where forms are not filled out correctly prompting the user to enter data correctly

Task 2c) Create a user guide document with live links and screenshots of your working pages and well commented page listings to show your understanding. Use current web development conventions in your approach.


You will write a report which addresses the following questions within a word limit of 1500 words. Please indicate supporting references.

  1. What are the differences and similarities between clientside and server-side scripting. Draw your conclusions by giving some practical examples of code within the types of languages involved and explain where you may use these giving real examples [2.1]
  2. Explain the environment or framework you have chosen to develop your web database application [2.2]
  3. What are the differences between (GET and POST) in relation to the published and tested multi-page scripting you have completed using request.form and query strings. [5.3]
  4. Why would you need to password protect parts of a website? [6.1] Why would you use a hidden form element on a website [6.2]
  5. Why would you need to validate user input for a website with a database? Describe the validation checks have you implemented? [5.4]

Finally review and evaluate the success of your uploaded files for your web database application suggesting areas for future development [7.2]File naming. Your tasks should be labelled in the following formatfirstname_surname_Task1_ddwp.docfirstname_surname_Task2_ddwp.docfirstname_surname_Task3_ddwp.docUpload this to Moodle to the designated final submission area by the deadline

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