Develop (Digital – Mobile Strategy) and (Social Media Strategy) for Audible

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Audible, an Amazon company, is seeking to defend and build market share in an increasingly competitive market for audio books.We will research the current situation, evaluate the brand’s social media and mobile marketing strategies and recommend courses of action for the brand based on our research.

Audible would like to build its organic SEO and content marketing strategy and find ways to grow earned media reach using social platforms and other methods.As such, there is no paid media budget associated with the project and students must find ways to encourage buzz to meet the goals of the brand.The brand already heavily spends in paid media and will amplify and support an organic strategy.However, you may assume that you have $100k to spend to support your strategy for experiences, materials and contests etc. The strategy should be aimed at the US market.


The general goals are:

  • Build engagement with the Audible brand
  • Increase downloads of the Audible App
  • Encourage App usage and book purchases


  1. Digital and mobile strategy. What is the digital strategy for the brand?Evaluate the brand’s online properties such as the blog and website. Consider other digital strategies such as paid search, SEO, display advertising and email. Examine the Amazon ad strategy, the mobile website and app.How does the brand leverage the app stores? Compare to competitors. Use the services in Priluck SMMS Chapter 3 to help you including: Opensiteexplorer, Spyfu and SEMRush.
  2. Social media. Evaluate the brand’s current social media strategy in terms of search engine rankings, followers, social media conversations, influencers and content.What platforms are used and how? Determine online sentiment among consumers and influencers by evaluating posts.Indicate which influencers currently write about the brand and the content.What is the general nature of the discussion and what is the sentiment?Use Social Mention and other sites in Chapter 3 for your research. What types of content does the brand create and how does it compare to competitors? Show examples of specific content and evaluate the effectiveness of it.

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