Think through what your action plan is intended to accomplish (Public health action plan-diabetes in New York), and imagine approaches that might lead to or support successful results. List all of the action ideas you can think of, then go back and evaluate them. Which ideas do you think might have the biggest impact? Which ideas would be relatively easy to implement? Which ideas would require significant resources?
Then select two of the ideas which you believe would have strong potential for addressing the issue you chose (Diabetes in New York) Think through the value of these ideas, researching and exploring their potential for addressing your issue. Briefly describe the issue you are addressing.
Describe two action ideas that you think would have the large impact on the issue.
Explain why you think each idea would be a powerful way to address the issue, and provide evidence for your point of view. As part of the evidence you provide, cite readings from this unit which strengthen your case.
(see attached notes