Devil’s Canyon Part 2

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Using the potential risks for Devil’s Canyon you identified in Wk 4, create a 3- to 4-page matrix to share with the team. In your matrix, you should:

  • Describe briefly each of the identified risks/threats.
  • Evaluate the security controls that mitigate each of the risks/threats identified.
  • Provide a rationale for how each of the controls identified mitigates the risk to an acceptable level.
  • Research and describe the security technologies and security design that can be used to mitigate each of the identified information security risks.

Running Head: 1


Name: Britney Jackson

Institution: University of phoenix

Instructor: Ellen Gaston

Date of submission: 05/29/2022

Based on the data I gathered from role-playing stimuli, there are different relationships between strategies and safety plans and relationships between strategies described in other safety plans but not this idea. This will ensure there is a proviso of the layout of the general security policy. Based on the email that I received from Jumbo security policy it was important since it talked about the policy structure that was a major concern about the procedure as a result, we will have to ensure there is an effective update to the internet. I think we should ensure everyone that will be coming to the different slopes signs a consent form this will be to ensure that they are protected from lawsuits. A security plan ensures that each person knows their roles and resources that need to be applied to help with managing security risks. The plan will allow the security to review the risks in various different areas . The plan will also help with reflecting a more protective security requirements plan that is much more suitable for each level of threat, the risks to the company’s assets as well as the risks of the footage of the webcams these are some security risks that we may have to deal with. hackers or any malicious person can get into the system this is not secure enough, we can run into all types of problems if this happens to occur. Being certain that we have some secure footage is detrimental we will need consent to release the different feed that we come across to the website and to the people . Another s risk that could cause issues is if we do not have a secure wifi connection. Being on top wifi connection is important we do not want the customers to give us any bad reviews if their information gets out while they are signed on to our internet be sure that connection is strong so that it make our complaint level about weak connection we should shift our focus along with that to the smartphones that we are giving to the working keeping up with rather they are only being used for company use. Viruses can be a huge security issue, if our devices are not kept up to date we should have a separate server for our guests to use this will help the company . This is a lot of information but using their phones could put the company’s connection at risk at this point we will have a lot of problems with the network connection.

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