DHA 715 UP research Characteristics of Good Problem Statement Quesions

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Question Description

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Research study introduction components should include a problem statement, purpose of the study, and research questions. 

Based on the article you selected, write a response to the following:

In general, what are the characteristics of a good problem statement? 

What are some examples of evidence that support the significance of the problem? 

How does the problem statement align with the research questions? Provide examples of how the problem contributes to professional knowledge and practice.

Is the research purpose logical? 

What constitutes a good research question? How do the research questions meet those requirements? 

How do the research questions tie directly to the purpose? Are they clear, specific, and unambiguous?

How might you revise or improve the research questions to support the scope of the study? 

How do the research questions delineate the scope of the study?

What are the common themes or errors identified in the research questions?

How does the introduction: 

Explain the contents of the study? 

Set the stage for the study and direct the reader to the purpose? 

Provide a clear and valid representation of what will be found in the remainder of the study? 

Does the introduction clearly reflect the study and its relationship to the proposed problem and purpose? If so, how? 



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