Directing and Choreographing Assignment (video)

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In this module, you are looking at one file on the job of the director and eight short videos on directing and choreography. For this assignment, I would like you to give a short response to each video based on the following prompt:

What stands out to you in this video? What do the director(s) or choreographer(s) have to say about their jobs and how they go about doing them? (Please give the director or choreographer’s name and a quote from the video). What did you find either surprising or exciting?

You will have 8 short responses. You do not need to write in any kind of formal formatting or in an essay format, just name the video and the artists and follow that with your response.

1. The Art of Stage Directing

2. Directing for the Stage Anne Bogart

3. Lin Manuel Miranda on Writing and Directing

4. Louis Valdez, Director, Playwright: Giving Voice to the Voiceless

5. Working in the Theatre: Choreography

6. Choreographing Hamilton (Video)

7. Paul Ruben: Aerial Choreography for the Stage

8. Lin Manuel Miranda on In the Heights Broadway Debut

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