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Discussion Question

It appears that in the general population, slapping and pushing usually does not engender fear. If

fear is not a large issue in the general population, why is the context of the aggression


Approximately 12% of men and women in the general population engage in physical aggression

against their partners over a year period, but it seems to some that not all physical aggression is

physical abuse. Why is that the case?

Cyberstalking seems to occur in approximately 50 to 60% of women who have been in shelters

to find safe haven from their abuser. What effects does cyberstalking have on these women?

Based on what you have learned from lectures and readings about the reciprocity of partner

aggression occurring in about 50 of the general population 80% in young married samples, what

is the likelihood that the aggression of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was reciprocal?

Murray Straus developed the Conflict Tactics Scales, and he documented the prevalence of

physical aggression in intimate relationships to be about equal for men and women: Why was

this finding so important?

Key to a 2 point question. The question is preceded by a correct statement of fact that sets

up the question. The question asks you to use certain data from readings or lecture to

apply to a specific case.

Later in the course, a good discussion question would use information from an earlier week


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