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Could you do this assignment please..

The book is :

Text Book: MKTG7, 10th Edition

Authors: Lamb/Hair/McDaniel

Publisher: South-Western, Cengage Learning


Post a response of 200-250 words that addresses the following questions:

  1. Which part of the marketing mix do you think has changed the most in recent years and why?
  2. Which of the elements do you believe presents the biggest challenges to modern day marketers?
    Your answers should contain citation(s) from the text or another source(s) supporting your assertions.
  3. Give examples of successful marketing strategies and explain why they work.
  4. Respond to TWO of your peers’ post with responses of at least 50 words for each peer response.
  5. Responses such as “I agree” “Great post” or “I like your post” are not acceptable responses and will not earn any credit


first peer:

The part in the marketing mix that have change the most is promotion. Promotion has evolve so much that if a business want to survive in the market in the times that we are leaving, that business has to adopt new ways of making their product know. Promotion has been so expensive especially when you consider advertisement. Not going too far, lets takes the superbowl act as an example. companies are willing to spend millions of dallars just for a few seconds add. This is due to the amount of audience that a company can reach for just that short period.Prices for advertisement has sky rocketed because of what our world is becoming. We are all living in a world that is like a global village.

Another influence of this change is social media. Social media has been growing rapidly and people are always on it. This makes it a must for a businesses to be involved. Take an example of face book, look at the amount of people that are on face book at a time, it is just mind blowing to see how people are so glued of social media.This made social medial to be evolving rapidly too. We can see what face book is doing to increase futures on their applications. This makes people to be more active on the application.


second peer:

The part of the marketing mix has changed the most is promotion. In today’s market having a successful product or service means very little unless you can reach your target market. In the past, most targets market were reached through television commercials, radio advertising, and newspaper ads, but today all that has changed. When preparing your mission statement and analyzing your market today, you must consider social media, the Internet, and direct mail to promote your product and service. These can expand your target market locally, nationally, and internationally. Today, technology has broadened your ability reach out to different geographic regions throughout the world. Now on the other hand, because of the changing world, the advancement of technology, and the various ways of communicating, one of the biggest challenges for modern day marketers is distribution. You might need several different locations to ship your product from depending on what part of the world your product or service being purchased from. Companies like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and Google have changed the retail sales market and how people are purchasing products and entertainment today. Ansoff’s Innovation Matrix strategy states that modern day businesses can grow at a much faster rate due to globalization and being able to create a marketing mix that can reach all potential new consumers (Lamb, Hair, and McDaniel, 2016).


-I’m an international male student

-Please note that Professor is too serious about Plagiarism so please make it different.

thank you..


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