Discussion board 10

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After reading Chapter 10 please discuss the following.

Why has performance measurement become increasingly important in government? What are the advantages and drawbacks of instituting performance measurement efforts in public agencies?

Write three paragraphs APA STYLE

Fundamental of Public Administration PPA 101




  • Understanding the motivations for contemporary administrative reform movements
  • Examining how NPM and reinvention are related to issues of quality and productivity
  • Exploring the impact of advances in technology on government and governance
  • Understanding the importance of performance measurement in the public sector
  • Learning about productivity improvement strategies

The “New Public Management” (NPM,) Reform Movement

  • Since the late 1970’s early 1980’s many countries began to discuss cost saving way to provide public services looking at the impact that the changing global economy was having
  • NPM key principles are; mission driven, decentralized and incentive based, accountability, responsiveness, and commitment to outcome based governance

NPM Has Changed How Government Operates & Its Role in Governance System

Government Performance & Results Act (GPRA) key reform oriented initiative changed how government operates

There are benefits to the act; strengthen programmatic communities, asked the right questions, effectively reporting performance

Critiques say that it wants to run government like a business which is not the same thing and requires citizens to be customers when they are not they are the owners of government; asking them to like or dislike services and wanting administrators to change delivery of those services

The Key Benefits & Barriers to Performance Management

  • GPRA required federal agencies to develop long term strategic plans and annual performance plans outlining strategies and resources needed to meet performance goals and to produce annual reports on outcomes achieved
  • In performance management you cannot account for all variables so the outcomes might not reflect the most accurate picture of success and/or challenges

The Factors That Contribute to Success in Performance Management

  • The design is important and taking into account what you need to measure (p. 383)

The Changes in the Image of Public Service Over the Last 30 Years

  • Public service has been very important to development of our country
  • However, many citizens have been critical of public service agencies for spending too much and not doing enough
  • New trends for public administrators is to be aware of globalization and expanding the role of citizens in the government process

How to Attract & Recommend the “best & the brightest” In Public Service

  • Outreach through relationships with professional organization
  • Specialty websites endorsed by professional organizations
  • Internships!
  • Offering bonuses to employees for locating ‘good’ recruits
  • Offering competitive pay, promote a culture of performance

Future Trends in the Field of Public Administration

Be skilled in process of inspiring and mobilizing others

Understand the importance of political competency in the process

Learn to look at the bigger picture (global view)

Facilitation, negotiation, collaboration, technology

Access community needs, values, opportunities, challenges,


  • Public Administration has undergone evolutionary process since it’s inception as a field of study during President Wilson
  • All careers evolve or become absolute
  • Keep that in mind in your evolution as a professional



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