Discussion board 11

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After reading Chapter 11 please discuss the following.

The New Public Service is based on the concept that rather than attempting to control or steer government by deciding on its goals and directions, administrators should focus on building organizations that serve citizens and empower them to become part of the decision-making process. To accomplish this, what do administrators need to do?

Three paragraphs APA STYLE 

Fundamental of Public Administration PPA 101



Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the importance of public service to society
  • Becoming familiar with opportunities and challenges facing the field
  • Understanding the impact of globalization on public administration
  • Learning about the increasing importance of involving citizens in the governance process
  • Understanding the critical role of ethics in public administration

Importance of Public Service

  • From the 1960’s – the middle of the 1980’s public service to be under constant attack
  • Critisized for being unresponsive to citizen’s and overly responsive to interest groups
  • Public organizations were accused of being highly ineffective and inefficient not able to achieve its objectives and wasting enormous sums of money
  • Bush, Clinton and Obama more supportive of public service and it’s employees
  • How about President Trump?

Trends in Public Service


And expanding role of citizens in the governance process

We’ve gone from production based economy to service base

Now more than ever due to the complexity in our country and in the world we need skilled public servants


  • Think of the impact that issues in other parts of the world have impacted us
  • Think of how understanding the impact a new international trend will have can benefit a public program i.e; economic development, degrees, etc…

The Role of Citizens in the Governance Process

  • How to mobilize the community
  • How to form a network (p. 400, #’s 1-7)

Ethnics and It’s Imperative in Good Governance

  • Ethnics is vital because it aides in public trust
  • Once trust is built support follows
  • Public administrators become the experts of their services, communities…they have the pulse of the people and can develop responsive effective governance

A Final Note

  • To be a good public administrator requires you act responsibly and also accept responsibility
  • We need folks in field who everyday will remember that their job entails service to the community and to themselves. Their decisions will effect people directly sometimes it can make the difference between life and death
  • No other field will be a rewarding when you get it right. No other field will challenge you to continuous evolve

Group Discussion

  • The authors argue that the effort to push government toward adoption of business practices also had led to the adoption of business values, which has resulted in the minimization or outright loss of focus on democratic values. Identify what is meant by business values and democratic values, and discuss how they conflict. Why is this important for administrators to understand? Use examples from your local government to help illustrate your points.


  • Public Administration has undergone evolutionary process since it’s inception as a field of study during President Wilson
  • All careers evolve or become absolute
  • Keep that in mind in your evolution as a professional


  • The following are links to international perspectives on governance and public administration:
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development—OECD: (www.oecd.org).
  • United Nations: (www.un.org/esa).
  • The following are links to information about local issues on a global scale:
  • International City/County Management Association—ICMA: (www.icma.org/).
  • International City Government Resource Centre: (www.geocities.com/Paris/9925).

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