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Discussion Assignment Instructions

For thread, student must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations from peer-reviewed journals, 1 citation from the text, and one biblical integration all in current APA format.

Discussion Prompt

In the Singapore Air case you discover that Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been ranked as the best airline in both independent and customer surveys for nearly 3 decades. It serves as a model of a continuously changing organization – continually modernizing, stretching, and serving customers in ways that stimulate strong loyalty and brand equity. It has been a leader of change in its industry, while maintaining a lot of consistency as well. As you reflect on the continuous nature of change in every area of the company respond to the following prompts as you prepare your thread for this assignment:

· What have been SIA’s main ingredients of success?

· How has their success become vulnerable?

· Why is it difficult to maintain a leadership position of a company like SIA and continuously improve?

· What do world class organizations need to do to improve and change continuously?


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