Discussion Question response!

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Hi! I just need 2 responses to 2 of these discussion
question posts. The responses only have to be 250-500 words and have one
citation. It doesn’t have to be in depth or anything just a “interactive”
response to the posts. Respond to this:

Qualitative research is used to study subjective human experience.
Non-mathematical methods are used to analyze data. It explores the
human experience by focusing on patient’s and or health professional’s
experiences (Ingham-Broomfield, 2015). Qualitative research can create
data that can be used to assist healthcare providers in making informed
holistic decisions.

One study identified aimed to identify what patient population could
benefit from an oncology nurse navigator. A longitudinal study based on
phenomenology and hermeneutics was conducted on patients with
gynecological cancer. Semi-structured interviews were used to collect
data (Thygesen, Pedersen, Kragstrup, Wagner, & Mogensen, 2012).
Results identified that prior experience of trust in physicians played a
major role in whether patients accepted navigation services. For those
lacking trust the NN provided reassurance and an increased level of
trust in the healthcare system. Conclusions of this study show that not
every patient reports a benefit from navigation services.

The second qualitative study identified focused on identifying
barriers for breast cancer patients participating in a navigation
program. Data was collected using focus groups and telephone interviews.
Researchers employed semi structured, open-ended questions in the
interview (Korber, Padula, Gray, & Powell, 2011). Themes were
identified using content analysis. The value of the education received
was the most valuable theme identified. Management of symptoms,
financial and community resource identification, and the team
coordination were also benefits identified (Korber, Padula, Gray, &
Powell, 2011).

My proposed study would be a semi structured survey that employed
open ended questions to explore the perceived benefit of navigation
services. I would like to focus on specific occurrences where the
navigated patients felt that navigation services had assisted in
coordinating multidisciplinary teams. I am interested in specifically
instances where the navigator advocated for a patient to their
providers. And respond to this:

Qualitative research is done by collecting data that is
non-numaric such as an unstructured observation, intending on defining a
phenomenon (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2015). Two types of
qualitative research designs I would like to discuss are observation and

Observation can come in different forms when creating a
qualitative design. Complete observer, observer as participant, and
complete participant. This form of qualitative research is based on
observation and note taking. Where the observer takes in the
surroundings and records the demonstrated findings (Melnyk &
Fine-Overhault, 2015). An example of observational study would be a
study conducted by Racine et. al. This study observed young participants
with cerebral palsy to determine respect for autonomy. This study
concluded that four key elements help empower individuals autonomy;
coupling of decisional and physical autonomy, the influences of family
and societal autonomy, and the influence on healthcare professionals.

Interviews give the interviewer opportunity to for informants to
elaborate on their thoughts, reflections, and ideas. By creating
structured questions releavant to the phenomenon the interviewing is
able to get an idea on how the individual feels about that particular
subject (Melnyk & Fine- Overhault, 2015). An example of this type of
study is referenced below referring to the phenomenon of the doctor
patient relationship. For this particular study Nilsen and Mlterud
collected six general practitioners and asked the questions through a
semi- structured interview. Some of the common disagreements noted among
practitioners and patients were as follows; antibiotic use, demands for
tranquilizers among drug abusers, and screening tests that were
unwarranted (Nilsen & Malterud, 2017).

The qualitative study type that I would like to do for this
discussion is interview. The population I would be interviewing would be
10 people between the ages of 45-60 on access to healthcare. These
participants would reside in Orange county rural Virginia. As described
in health people 2020- “Access to comprehensive, quality health care
services is important for promoting and maintain health, preventing and
managing disease, and reducing unnecessary disability. This semi-
structured interview would ask patients questions about their access to
care and opinions on the quality of care they receive. I would also ask
them about their thoughts on preventative services and health care
education. I would take the results from this interview to determine
potential areas that need improvement in that particular county.


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