Discussion: research question and evaluation design

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Perhaps the most important part of any research project is the research question. Without an effective research question, it is difficult to know what you are trying to accomplish and why. In this week’s Learning Resources, you explored the elements of effective research questions, as well as the different types of evaluation designs, and how these designs act as “maps” to guide you through a research project. You will apply this information to developing a research question and select an appropriate evaluation design for your Final Project.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources for this week. Consider an organization that you work for or are familiar with. You may use an organization from the Virtual Community if you wish. For that organization, think about a problem or a program that would most benefit from research and evaluation. The problem or program may be the same one that you used in the Week 1 Discussion. What question would you want to answer with your research? What type of evaluation design would be most appropriate to answer this research question?

Considering the specific program, problem, or policy you want to address, think about what type of research question and evaluation design would work best in this situation.

Post by Day 3 the research question and evaluation design you would like use to evaluate the program, problem, or policy that you identified in Week 1’s Discussion. Justify why this evaluation design is the most appropriate design to address this program, problem, or policy.

Final Project






The organization selected for this project is Amazon. Amazon is the leading internet retailer in the world in terms of revenues and size. Amazon has been able to grow from a small online book store to a giant ecommerce company offering a wide selection of products, covering almost the global market. However, Amazon has a major problem that it needs to research about to identify the cause of the problem, the impact the problem has to the company and how the problem can be solved.

On several occasions, Amazon workers have complained about poor treatment. Amazon workers have even gone to the streets to protest about poor working conditions at Amazon (Yohn, 2020). The problem has seen Amazon experience high turnover as employees leave work due to poor working conditions. At fulfillment centers and in the warehouses, Amazon workers have complained of being overworked to a point where they do not get break to go the washrooms (Yohn, 2020). Despite the fact that Amazon has been successful in its operations, the underlying problem of poor employee treatment might have profound negative impacts to its operations in the long-term. With time, poor employee treatment might with time damage the reputation of the company resulting in significant drop in the number of customers. Currently, it is more likely that the company might overlook the problem because it is doing well. In addition, it might assume that since it is able to replace employee who leave work immediately and business continues as usual, the company might not understand the long-term impacts of the problem.

Amazon needs to engage in research to gather information regarding employees’ perception about the working conditions of the company. In addition, the company needs to conduct research to understand why poor employee treatment might impact the company in the short-term and long-term. Furthermore, Amazon understands that employees are less satisfied working in the organization. The company should carry out an experimental study where it would provide good working conditions as per employees’ needs for a given period and monitor if there is any change in performance, productivity, and revenues. If the experimental findings show an increase in revenues, productivity, employee motivation and satisfaction, this would imply that poor employee treatment has been negatively affecting the company. Another aspect that Amazon would need to research on is the amount of money spend on hiring new employees so frequently due to high turnover. The company would compare the amount spent on hiring and how much it would cost the company to implement good working conditions.

Lastly, Amazon should conduct a research to understand how customers perceive its brand and also collected reviews regarding its reputation. If a large number of participants quote employee treatment as an issue of concern, then the company would understand that its employee treatment is having a major negative impact on its brand image.

In conclusion, research within an organization is very critical. It helps an organization uncover important information that can help it in strategic decision making and planning. Researching about employee treatment can help Amazon understand how the issue affects the company.


Yohn, L. D. (2020). Amazon faces a crucible moment with employees. https://www.forbes.com/sites/deniselyohn/2020/06/02/amazon-faces-a-crucible-moment- with-employees/?sh=72b074263822


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