Discussion: secondary data

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Research and evaluation in the public and nonprofit sectors is accomplished with very limited resources. These limited resources include time, funds, knowledge, and more. These types of limitations often mean that one cannot create his or her own primary data, but instead, must use secondary data in research and evaluation projects. Secondary data are data that have been collected by another researcher at a different point in time.

 Consider the types of secondary data you might need to support your Final Project. This data may consist of published data sets (such as census data), statistics produced by governmental agencies, and so on. Identify at least two different sources of data to use for your post.

Post a description of the types of secondary data that would be useful in evaluating the program, problem, or policy you selected for your Final Project. Explain how it would impact the evaluation of the program, problem, or policy you identified.


Course: HUMN 6480

Instructor: Dr. Lydia

Organization description

For my assignment, I will evaluate poor working conditions at Amazon. Amazon is an internet retailer offering a broad selection of products to its customers. Amazon is the leading e-commerce retailer globally serving millions of customers on daily basis. The company has many sellers on its e-commerce website that list their products for sale making it possible for customers to have access to a wide range of products (CNN Business, n.d.). Amazon is responsible for inventory management and ensures that all its fulfillment centers have enough products to meet consumer survives. The success of Amazon is attributed to its excellent customer services. Amazon offers 24 hours delivery and also charges low prices on its products because of economies of scale. This makes it possible for the company to attract many customers. In addition, the company invests in technology and innovation to ensure that it meets consumer needs.

Problem description

However, Amazon has placed more emphasis on customer service and forgot to do the same on its employees. Amazon employees have on several occasions complained about poor working conditions in the fulfillment centers and warehouses (Chan, 2021). Employees have complained of long working hours without any break and unrealistic targets that are hard to achieve. The reason why Amazon mistreats employees at the lowest positions is because it does not require much experience to work in a warehouse, and thus it can replace employees who leave work with ease. Truck drivers have also been complaining of long driving hours without sleep, putting their lives at danger because of fatigue (Chan, 2021). Amazon may not see the negative side of poor employee treatment at the moment because it stills makes profits and the business is doing well. However, there are high chances that poor employee treatment may end up negatively impacting its brand reputation in the long run. Amazon needs to engage in research to evaluate how the complaints by employees may impact the brand image of the company.

Research questions

The following questions can help Amazon to analyze its current problem regarding employee mistreatment in workplace;

1. What the impacts of employees’ complains regarding poor working conditions to the reputation of the company?

2. How does high turnover resulting from poor working conditions affect the overall operations and revenues of the company?

3. Perceptions of customers towards Amazon’s reputation.

Evaluation design for the problem

Amazon needs to collect data regarding employees’ perception towards the working environment of the company. To achieve this, the company can use anonymous questionnaires to collect information from employees across all levels of the organizational hierarchy. The company will then use the information to implement changes based on the research findings. In addition, the company will conduct surveys to gather information from customers about their perception towards the company’s brand image. If majority of the customers have a negative attitude towards Amazon based on its employee treatment, the company will thus need to focus on improving employee working conditions based on their complaints (Training Evaluation Framework and Tools, n.d.). After implementation of the changes, Amazon can evaluate its revenues, sales, turnover rates to understand if the problem had a significant impact to the company. However, this is a process that would take almost a year to evaluate its effectiveness. If the evaluation outcomes are consistency across all variables measured, then the evaluation will be reliable and valid.


Chan, J. (2021). Amazon workers detail disturbing work conditions in complaint filed to the national labor relations board. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/368286

CNN Business. (n.d.). Amazon.com Inc. https://money.cnn.com/quote/profile/profile.html?symb=AMZN

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