Discussion thread: ethics in current events replies

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Each reply must be at least 300 original words that respond to the initial threads.   Each reply must incorporate citations in current APA format from the textbook, at least 2 scholarly sources, and 1 integrated Bible verse. Any sources cited must be peer-reviewed and have been published within the last five years.

Acceptable sources include books, legal and business journals, legal cases, the law (cases,
statutes, regulations, etc.), the Bible, biblical commentary, etc. Dictionaries and other web
sources that lack scholarly support are not acceptable sources. Any sources cited must be current
to the issue (e.g., Bible commentaries may by applicable from any age, but articles discussing
current legal practices may no longer be relevant after 2 or 5 years). 

Ethics in Current Events

Within business there is an application of ethics for the issues and situations that arise which require their own unique resolutions.  Having an understanding of what is right and what is wrong in business can help guide our decision-making.  In addition to ethics is the concept of social responsibility.  The communities where businesses operate have their own expectations.  Firms are expected to abide by certain standards, and when they do not issues may arise (Kubasek et al., 2023).

A particular situation in the news most recently is surrounding the company Shein and where they fall within that concept of social responsibility.  Shein is a company that was started in China in 2012, who functions primarily in e-commerce with clothing retail.  They have ultra-low prices with what appears to be an endless variety of clothing.  This has allowed the company to steadily rise in popularity.  They have also tapped into the resources of influencers on social media platforms to aggressively market to young shoppers.  What has recently come to light are the allegations surrounding inhumane conditions and forced labor for their workers (Bangalore, 2023).

The challenge in this case is that business practices within other countries are outside the direct control of the United States.  Shein is a Chinese company that is governed by rules and regulations that differ from those within the United States.  China in particular denies human rights abuse and truly understanding whether there is an element of forced labor or not can be difficult to determine.  As a country, their view on international law varies depending on the circumstances and there is difficulty in how this is shaped and reinforced (Williams, 2020).

The idea of forced labor within the Chinese company Shein violates numerous ethical standards.  They are not transparent with their work, they are not being honest, and by using forced labor they are not being respectful or compassionate to their citizens adan employees.  This situation is an example of the golden rule which can be found in Galatians 5:14, “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”  Forced labor or being required to work against their will, possibly by use of force would be directly against the golden rule.  We should always treat others as we want to be treated (
King James Bible Online, 2023). 

The situation with Shein is trickier because the company is based out of China.  As soon as the issue was brought to light, the pressure needed to start with investors and support of a company who is tied to unethical conduct.  Human rights issues are becoming a top priority of many and monitoring the situations such as these in foreign countries, and then exposing them is important.  Issues such as this are likely to be handled over the course of many years.  Shein also operates an office in Los Angeles, California which should also be facing the tough questions regarding workers’ rights in China (Appell, 2021).

Another area to explore is identifying other companies within the United States that do business with Shein.  Looking into where they source their materials, who markets their products, and which platforms are they running on.  With Sheins growing number on influencers, ensuring they understand what the company is doing and showing them that they are supporting unethical behavior.  Once those areas are identified, putting pressure on those entities and making the ethical concerns known in order to have them addressed.  Research has shown that individuals do not want to purchase from companies where there are ethical concerns.  They may feel cheated and share the bad experience or negative information.  As a company, having an understanding of your consumers and their beliefs is important if they want to be in good standing and maintain positive relationships.  Both individuals and businesses do not want to be tied to unethical behavior (Cheung & To, 2020).


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GOP Congressman Faces Ethics Complaint for Condemning Christian Social Media Post   


     Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are essential democratic principles upon which the United States was founded. However, tension can arise when public officials interact with constituents expressing differing religious or political views. The aforementioned was demonstrated in a recent situation involving Rep. Max Miller criticizing a Christian social media post by a former Ohio GOP employee. His actions prompted an ethics complaint alleging the infringement of First Amendment rights.  

Parties Involved

Rep. Max Miller (R-Ohio): The congressman publicly criticized a Christian social media post by Lizzie Marbach, a former Ohio GOP employee. Lizzie Marbach: A pro-life activist who posted, “There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone.” American Accountability Foundation (AAF): A conservative government watchdog group that filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Max Miller.

Ethical Standards and Violation

     The moral norm in this present circumstance is the opportunity of religion and the right to speak freely of discourse, which are significant standards of the American lifestyle. These standards guarantee that people can communicate their strict convictions and suppositions, unafraid of abuse or retaliation. In the case of Rep. Max Miller’s condemnation of Lizzie Marbach’s Christian social media post, concerns arise regarding the potential violation of these principles. By requesting that Marbach erase her honest assertion, Mill operator’s activities should be visible as infringing on her right to speak freely and recognize her religious beliefs.

     Freedom of religion allows people to practice and express their religious beliefs uninhibitedly. Interestingly, the right to speak freely of discourse safeguards their entitlement to offer their viewpoints and convictions without oversight or compulsion. In this circumstance, the Mill operator’s interest in erasing Marbach’s assertion of confidence can be deciphered as an endeavor to quiet or stifle her strict articulation, subverting her ability to speak freely. 

Prevention and Response

     Lawmakers must exercise restraint and respect when engaging with constituents’ religious expressions to prevent such situations. They ought to maintain the rights of people to freely communicate their strict convictions and suppositions, regardless of whether they might hold contrasting perspectives. Rather than requesting the deletion of somebody’s statement of faith, a more helpful methodology would include taking part in conscious exchange or communicating contrasting suppositions without sabotaging a singular’s on the right track to strict articulation (R. Ellis, 2022). Legislators ought to establish a comprehensive climate that energizes open conversations and values the various convictions and suppositions inside their constituencies.


     In response to the ethics complaint filed against Rep. Max Miller, the Office of Congressional Ethics must conduct a thorough investigation. This investigation ought to decide if the Mill operator’s activities were dishonest or abused laid out guidelines of lead, especially concerning the standards of opportunity of religion and discourse. The investigations should have been directed straightforwardly, guaranteeing that the standards of opportunity of religion and discourse are maintained. By directing a thorough examination, the Workplace of Legislative Morals can give a fair and objective evaluation of the moral worries brought up by this situation. This will assist with keeping up with the respectability of the majority rule process and support the significance of safeguarding the privileges of people to communicate their strict convictions and assessments openly.

World View and Biblical View

     From a biblical worldview perspective, this situation highlights the importance of respecting and protecting the freedom of religion and speech. Scripture emphasizes treating others with love, respect, and kindness, even when differences arise. Proverbs 15:1 states, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” This verse reminds us of the importance of responding to differing opinions and expressions of faith with gentleness and understanding. 


     As public representatives, lawmakers are responsible for protecting citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights to express religious and political beliefs without fear of censure. While officials need not endorse all views, Respectful engagement honors diversity and prevents the perception of overreach (R. Ellis, 2022). For their part, constituents would do well to appeal to higher principles of openness, understanding, and goodwill when disagreements inevitably emerge in a pluralistic society. Overall, this situation highlights How upholding democratic values, exercising restraint, and applying wisdom from Scripture can help public servants and community members build an atmosphere of inclusion amid differences of creed or conviction.



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