Disparities in Health Paper

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Disparities in health are not studied because of differences in our biological makeup. We examine disparities because of social and political roots and the differences that determine groups likely to suffer from less than good health (Tobin-Tyler & Teitelbaum, 2019). As a result, there are vulnerable populations.


Tobin-Tyler, E.T. & Teitelbaum, J.B. (2019). Essentials of Health Justice: A Primer. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


For this 550 word paper (excluding references, title) chose a population within one of the following circumstances: Sexual orientation and gender identity, immigrant status, incarcerated, rural populations, disability, or gender. Please try to stay within the word count range which is greater than the first paper for this semester.

The title of you paper should be similar to this: “Health Disparities in <name your population here> Populations

The content from your paper will be incorporated into a slide presentation and used as a discussion topic among your peers. The slides are a representation of the content of your paper.

Describe some of the root causes, including laws, that have created disparities in the population you chose. Cite your sources of information for the causes.

  • Until laws or barriers that create disparities are changed or moved, how could you help your selected population navigate the system to get health justice?

Review and use the support items listed in the Orientation Resources and Writing Tools


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