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1. Salazar

Professor Gaviria,

Method to cognitive biometrics will educate the consumer authentication and identity primarily based totally on “schooling,” a technological tool to apprehend and save styles that can be human-like. It is a human’s manner of schooling a pc or robot, for instance, to assume like a human. This is finished via the use of methods that hi-mild indicators are generated at once. Circuitously via way of means of human notion processes. An instance of an influential “memorable event” can encompass a system asking the consumer to choose one in every one of the memorable activities in his lifestyles and celebrating a success or own precise circle of relatives dinner and so on. Next, the system asks precise questions about the chosen topic. For instance, if the consumer is deciding on celebrating a non-public success, then the system asks what you carried out, who are the assisting ones for that success, what you did on that celebration, who are the unique visitors for that, and so on.


What Is Cognitive Biometrics.” IGI Global, www.igi-global.com/dictionary/cognitivebiometrics/42973.

2. Roland

Professor Gaviria,

Implicit deny: MicroBilt affords customer statistics to Wells Fargo and different banks and businesses, and interfaces with the 3 customer credit score bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. The facts breach became for the term among May and June 2008, says Berg (McGlasson, 2008). Least privileged: It is predicted that an astonishing 50,000 character clients had their information inadvertently shared with legal professionals as a part of 1.4 gigabytes of files (on a CD, no less) that Wells Fargo willingly grew to become over (Chang, 2017).  Separation of duties: In the case of Wells Fargo, the litigant filed an invitation for the revelation of evidence, and therefore the defendant, Wells Fargo, submitted the document in response to thereto request. However, this time, Wells Fargo submitted a treasure trove of guidance relating to 50,000 ultra-high-net-worth purchasers by accident. The disclosure was a mistake because it turned out. Nonetheless, the info was created to the opposite aspect (Kashiwagi, 2018). Job rotation: This is an initial file on Wells Fargo’s safety posture. If you need in-depth, usually up-to-date reviews on Wells Fargo and tens of thousands and thousands of different companies, recollect reserving a demo with us. UpGuard is the brand new widespread in third-birthday birthday celebration danger control and assault floor control. Our safety rankings engine video displays units billions of information factors every day (McCosker, 2022). The head of IT wants this Knowledge out for Protection. Network it is far crucial to defend the community from doors threats.


Chang, L. (2017, July 23). Wells Fargo accidentally leaks enormous trove of data. Digital Trends. Retrieved February 10, 2022, from https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/wells-fargo-data-leak/ 

3. Mireille

Hello professor and class,

The most effective type of cognitive memorable event will be the one that makes it harder for a hacker to know.

Step 1: What is your favorite color?









Step 2: What is your favorite music genre?







Hip Hop


Step 3: What is your favorite car?








Rolls Royce

Step 4: What is your favorite pet?










Fifth step: ________________ is my favorite female artist

The easiest cognitive memorable event will depend on the user’s experiences and choices. What is easier for me might be difficult for another person.


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