Drafting a mission statement 2 responses

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1#  What steps can we take to ensure that our mission statement effectively communicates the purpose and values of our domestic violence prevention program for adult women, while also standing out and capturing attention? 

2#    It is crucial to ensure the protection of our youth. Our existence and progress as a society are due to the knowledge passed down from previous generations. Therefore, it is essential to preserve what is pure and innocent in our youth to secure a brighter future for generations to come. Your donations, no matter how big or small, can help us achieve this goal. My pride will never be too big to ask for help when it comes to securing a better tomorrow(Grammarly,2023)

Question: Could I have added anything to make my message about the youth stand out more? Or do you feel I was too repetitive and spoke in circles? I appreciate constructive criticism as it helps me grow, and learning is the only way to achieve that.


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