Due 3/21

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See attachment 

1000 word minimum 2 scholarly sources Apa format

Due 3/21

The article critique is a summary of a 
full text nursing 
research article
 from a 

referenced professional journal
 on a selected nursing 
topic. The 

article must have been published within the past 5 years. Article critiques that are from non-professional journals and/or do not meet the criteria listed below will not be graded and will automatically clinical grade of Unsatisfactory. Your article must be a 
research article. A copy of the article or a copied link must be submitted with the summary.

· You are required to complete one (1) article critique during the semester.

· Documentation of References is to be done according to APA format.

DO NOT use articles from dictionaries (such as Gale Encyclopedia), newspapers, general public or lay magazines, or web sites.

DO NOT use editorials, opinions, or nursing perspectives.

· The article must be from medical and/or nursing journals AND be actual RESEARCH.

· The critique must be 2 pages typed not including title page or reference page & submitted via drop box for each clinical course.

The research article must be referenced within the paper & listed on the reference page.

· A copy of your article Must be submitted via dropbox.

· The article critique 
must be typed, double spaced in font size 12 & in New Times Roman and submitted via dropbox to Article Critique Dropbox.

· The following information must be included in the critique : {Refer to Rubric posted in eLearn}

· Title Page

· Body of the critique/summary of article

How this information impacts nursing practice

· Reference Page – must be in APA format

· Include the DOI on all references if possible


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