EAS 394 UHK Contemporary Chinese Cinema Films Comparison Essay

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1) Compare at least two films. Do they address similar kinds of social, political, and environmental issues in the context of contemporary China? Are there any differences between the selected films? What do such similarities and differences convey? What is your main purpose in making such a comparison?

2) Analyze the selected films. Which element of the film pertains to your argument? You can take a look at things like plot, character, dialogue, visual composition, use of camera angles, music or sound effects, lighting, etc. Focus on key scenes. What do the cinematic language of these scenes suggest? How are these scenes related to the main issue of the films? You may also compare the different strategies and forms of the selected films. What do their differences tell us?

3) Summarize or paraphrase the main arguments of the readings. You may also use brief quotes and elaborate on the meanings of the quotes. How would the readings support your argument? Or, how would you argue with the authors of these readings if you disagree with their ideas? (Once you form your argument, express your argument at the beginning of the essay.)


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