Ebp: ai in clinical decision support

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Evidence-Based Practice in CDS and Quality Improvement

Develop a 12- to 14-slide (total for all topics, plus reference slide/s) PowerPoint presentation in which you present research and data to support a clinical decision support (CDS) recommendation for quality improvement in your workplace.

TOPIC: Artificial intelligence

 Select 1 article based specifically on the chosen topic: Artificial intelligence and its use in clinical decision support.

  • Find 4 additional articles focused on evidence-based practice in the improvement of clinical decision support.

Based on your research, address the following in your Powerpoint presentation:

  • Explain how theoretical models and the concepts of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom relate to evidence-based practice in clinical decision support. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Explain how the topic you selected (big data, machine learning, deep learning, cognitive science, or artificial intelligence) informs evidence-based practice in clinical decision support.
  • Explain how the topic you selected informs improved outcomes in nursing. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Synthesize your findings from your articles, focusing on applicable models and/or theories relevant to CDS, quality improvement in your workplace, and on applicable evidence-based practice in nursing.
  • Recommend clinical decision support or information to consider in clinical decision making. Be specific.
  • Justify your recommendation. Be specific and provide examples.
  • Recommend how you would address possible limitations or challenges, including:
    • Explain how you would avoid alert fatigue.
    • Explain under what conditions you would allow an override to an alert.
    • Explain how you would monitor compliance.
    • Identify factors that might contribute to continuous overrides.
    • Justify conditions under which an override may be necessary.

  • Provide your references in APA style at the end of your presentation—the reference slide or slides do not count toward your assignment total. 

  • I have attached APA presentation format to use.

Presentation Title

Your Name

Program Name or Degree Name, Walden University

COURSE XXX: Title of Course

Instructor Name

Month XX, 202X

Slide Title

Go to the “Home” tab at the top and click the “New Slide” or “Layout” button to access different formatting for your slides.

Choose formatting that presents your information in the most logical way.

consistent, grammatically parallel format for bulleted lists (for example, on this slide, each element begins with an imperative verb).

You can also consult APA’s suggestions on
formatting lists.

End bullet points consistently, either with or without a period.

Slide Title

Keep font of text consistent.

Be sure headings are consistent in their spacing, placement, size, etc.

Consider using the slide after the title slide to summarize your presentation’s points (like an
abstract for a paper).

Slide Title

Your slides can also contain entire paragraphs, like this one does. In both paragraphs and bulleted lists in your presentation, citation rules apply just as they do in papers: when using or referencing another author’s ideas, you must cite that source. When incorporating a citation in a slide, do so just as you would in a traditional paper: According to Jones (2020), presentations are not very different from papers.

According to Smith and Cat (2020), you should make your presentation great, not just good.

Use APA style rules to format any
tables and figures in your presentation:

Figure 1

Title Reflecting Figure Information

Note. Any needed general notes on figure. From “Utilizing Bar Graphs,” by A. Jones, 2020, Journal of Handy Graphs, 76(2), p. 3 (
https://doi.org/10.123.45/abc). Reprinted with permission.

Slide Title

Remember to adhere to any assignment guidelines regarding presentation format. This template contains suggestions only.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an “APA standard PowerPoint.” Review our
presentation tips for more information!

Visit the Academic Skills Center for more
tips on how to use PowerPoint or visit
Microsoft’s PowerPoint help and learning website.

Slide Title

Always include a reference list at the end of your presentation, just like you would in a paper. Reference list entries take the same format they would in a paper, including a hanging indent. Visit the
Common Reference List Examples page for the correct APA format. Here are a few examples:

Jones, P. (2020). This great book. Publisher.

Smith, W., & Cat, D. (2020). How to make a good presentation great. Presentations Quarterly, 45(4), 56-59.







Category 1 Category 1 Category 1
Category 2 Category 2 Category 2
Category 3 Category 3 Category 3
Category 4 Category 4 Category 4
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3


Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
Category 1 4.3 2.4 2
Category 2 2.5 4.4 2
Category 3 3.5 1.8 3
Category 4 4.5 2.8 5
To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

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