ECET 340 Week 7 HomeWork 7

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In this paperwork of ECET 340 Week 7 HomeWork 7 you will find the answers on the next questions:

1. The movable part of the solenoid is the: 2. Why is the 6N139 optoisolator used in the interfaces to devices such as large motors? 3. Calculate the number of steps per revolution for a stepper motor with a step angle of 7.5C.4. How is stepper motor speed controlled? State any two ways a program can do this. 6. Identify 2 major kinds of devices that can be used to interface a dc motor to the HCS12. 7. Given that pulses need to be delivered to a specific dc motor at the rate of 12.5 kHz to avoid vibration, write down the C statements needed to output pulses from the HCS12 to drive the at 80% of its full drive level. 8. An HCS12 timer input capture/output compare register (TC0) holds the value 0x498 when timing the period between pulses coming in from a servomotor

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