Economic Concept Of Nursing

Consider this question Homework Think of a care problem and evaluate it using the Table 14A.1 worksheet. What steps might a nurse advocate taking to address ethical issues related to this health problem? Point out ways in which knowledge of health care financing, budgeting, and making a business case might be applicable in resolving the ethical issues.

Support your answers by writing a 500-word in an APA formatted summary.

Exploring the impact of Policy on Health


To explore the impact of the ‘Closing the Gap’ policy on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s health outcomes and the interrelationship between organisations.

An opportunity for Students to practice using respectful language in communication when discussing Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s health & wellbeing.

Weight: 50%

Task: In this assessment students will:

Apply throughout the essaythe concept of cultural respect in regards to the discussion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples they will: (5marks)

1. Provide a Summary of what “Closing the Gap” (CTG) policy is. Identify and discuss one (1) relevant CTG target in relation to Judy’s current health problem, using the relevant literature and statistics. (15marks)

2. Analyse & discuss 3 (three) social determinants, in relation tothepotential health benefits and or challenges of Judy being registered with CTG, using the relevant literature and statistics. (15marks)

3. Discuss the procedure of how Judy was registered with CTG. Define the roles of the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) and, Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO), and discuss what services they can provide to Judy and the interrelationship between the health systems; such as why did the AMS refer Judy to a mainstream health service for daily dressings. (15marks)

Length: 1500 word essay

Due: 11.45pm Sunday 22nd December 2019

Criteria: Marking Criteria Comprehensive marking criteria for each assessment are available under Assessments in UTSOnline.