EDR 820 NCU Health Disparities among Minority Populations in the US Essay

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Step 1: Determine the specific problem or issue that you intend to explore, making sure the problem or issue is a meaningful topic that would lay the groundwork for a carefully considered research problem, which then might initiate an original research project. At the top of your document, state a brief title based on your identified this problem or issue. You will more fully discuss your topic in Step 3, so keep your title short. If you are not sure if your problem or issue is appropriate, be sure that you have engaged all the available resources in the first three weeks of the course. If you are still unsure, contact your professor before your assignment is due.

Step 2: Using the NCU Library, find five scholarly sources for a literature review based on the research problem you identified in Step 1. These five resources will become the core sources you will use in the assignments in Weeks 5, 6, and 7. At the end of your paper, create an APA-formatted reference list with each of your five sources.

Step 3: State your problem in 1-2 concise sentences.  Next, explain the process you used and the issues you encountered when determining your specific problem statement.

Step 4: Discuss any challenges or barriers you faced in the selection of the first five relevant sources. Focus on the keywords and search limiters you used in your searches and the strategies you employed to narrow the searches. For example, did you find few peer-reviewed articles for the keywords and phrases used, or did you find it challenging to narrow the sources returned in your searches? Was it a challenge to find five quality sources that related to specific research studies? Be specific and use the discussion to reflect on this initial search and how you might improve these strategies for the Week 6 paper and the Week 7 Signature Assignment.


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