EDU 657 Week 6 Final Paper

Higher Education, 2000-Present

In this course, we have examined various topics about the reconfiguration of American Higher Education from 1673 to the present. After watching the short video Complex Change in Higher Education by Fred Buining (, reflect on various changes that have influenced the reconfiguration of American higher education in the 21st century. Reflect on the topics listed below and select two that you feel have made the greatest impact on higher education. Critically analyze the influences of past eras on present-day higher education. Evaluate how these topics are impacting higher education today. Discuss recommendations for change. For this assignment, feel free to be creative. You can write an essay, create a video, website, timeline (similar to week three), etc. Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary files, and provide all necessary links and/or text in a document. Additionally, be sure to cite your resources as necessary, and include a separate reference page in APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your essays, timelines and/or websites should be ten- to twelve- pages in length (not including the title and reference pages) and written in APA format. At a minimum, use five external sources, in addition to the course text. If you create a video, it should be about eight- to ten- minutes in length. All appropriate APA references should be noted in the video.

a. The Past as Prologue: From 1900 to 2010

b. Higher Education’s Unfinished Business from 1990 -2010

c. Demographics and Diversity: The Changing Profile of Students

d. Big-Time Intercollegiate Sports: Education’s Entertainment

e. Research Universities in an “Era of Big Bets” Federal Grants

f. State Universities and the New “A&M”: Athletics and Medicine

g. The Gridlock of Funding for State Universities

h. The millennium in Perspective: American Higher Education from Twentieth to Twenty-first Centuries

i. College Students in an Era of Commercialization and Consumerism

j. Rethinking the Historic Role of Governing Boards and Trustees