Education in the Unites States and Saudi Arabia from international Students experiences

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a. Describe the “status quo” and the reasons for which it is the way it is. In some cases, this includes giving the

best arguments from an opposing point of view.
b. Realistically and with a mind on your audience, put forth the way things should be.
c. Argue for how particular strategies can effectuate the change you seek.
2) Provide some background on why you believe your argument to be relevant.
3) Who is your audience (what do they already think about this, in what ways might they be swayed, etc.)?
4) List all the sources you have so far. These sources can still be tentative. You don’t have to format them for this

The annotated bibliography will be
a list of 10-15 sources that includes two paragraphs (3-4 sentences each) per entry: 1 – a single paragraph summary
(describe the source) and 2 – a single paragraph analysis (explain the relevance of the source to your research). It will be
up to you (and your discipline) to decide what form of documentation to follow (i.e MLA, APA, Chicago Style). You are
responsible for correct documentation.
More specifically, you are to gather your sources from three distinct areas (you need a total of at least 20):
1) About 1/3 (at least 3 sources) of your material should come from journals/magazines—these need to be full length
articles, not brief columns.
2) About 1/3 (at least 3 sources) of your material should be from full length books (this doesn’t mean you have to
read the whole book!)
3) About 1/3 (at least 3 sources) Can be primary and other sources such as documentaries, interviews, laws, charts,
graphs, artwork, podcasts, radio broadcasts, and internet sources other than journal and magazine articles. The
Library of Congress Website is a good source for many of these. I would like at least one source to be a primary

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