EEC 3204 MDC Cultivating an Equitable Early Childhood Classroom Papers

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Assignment 3 – Be an Advocate for Early Childhood

Be an Advocate for Early Childhood


1. You are to select two organizations from the list:

Association for Children Education International 

Council for Exceptional Children

Council for Professional Recognition

Defending the Early Years

Division for Early Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children 

National Association for Family Child Care

National Child Care Association

National Educational for Young Children 

National Education Association 

National Head Start Association

Zero to Three

2. Visit the websites, explore and summarize information about the following topics (in your own words.

3. Create a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences of the two organizations. (Make sure to include the 6 topics above in the diagram)

4. Which of the two organizations would you be more likely to consider joining? Why?

Assignment 4: Cultivating a More Equitable Early Childhood Classroom 

Cultivating a More Equitable Early Childhood Classroom


Read the following article,

that examines how equity implementation can sometimes get in the way of meaningful efforts. 

Reflect, evaluate and respond to the following questions. Make sure to include references to the module readings and/or video when supporting your answers.

Which equity traps and tropes sound or feel familiar to you? Why?

What could you do to create a more equitable learning environment for all young children and their families? Your response needs to consider and address:

Diverse cultures

English language learners

Children with special needs

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