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All human relations are related to communication in one way or another. We need others to see things differently and do things better. We have to learn to understand what being ethical means to others and work with people in an ethical weay. What we do is communicated through our words and actions. Our intentions are not always perceived in the manner it is intent. Most people do not practice the skills of this chapter very often. Learn effective positive and ethical communication skills and gain all the benefits of having knowledge and better friendships and relationships.

(Part 1) Due Wednesday of Week 3: After carefully studying Chapter three, in 250 words or more and with college-level writing thoroughly describe:

1) What ethics are in your own words?

2) Why are ethics so important?

3) Share with us a real situation that you experienced (no personal names) where you saw or heard of something unethical that took place. What specifically happened”

4) In the situation above  What should have happened? 

5) How does attitude and self-concept affect a person’s success. Be very specific!


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