Emergence Of Russia

1. The first Russian state was centered in and around ____________?
2. which czar expanded Russian control to parts of Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine in the 1700s?
3. The severity of Russia’s cold winters helped defeat invaders from which two nations?
4. The Russian revolution established a new communist government based on the ideas of _____________?
5. The soviet leader who began glasnost and perestroika was ______________?
Geographic Issues in Russia
part A T or F
1. The black market is a major government-sponsored economic system in Russia today.
2. one of the central parts of communist economic restructuring in Russia was privatization, or converting privately run industries into state-run industries.
3. The ruble is the official currency of Russia, and was initially valued at U.S. $1.75.
4. The Black Sea coast is a popular vacation spot in Russia.
5. Airplanes are used to transport materials such as oil and natural gas from Siberia to the western areas of Russia.
part B
6. After failing to recognize a declaration of independence, in 1994 Russia invaded the republic of ____________.
7. More then three quarters of Russia’s raw materials come from the isolated region of ____________.
8. Some Russian rivers became transportation arteries during frigid winters when ____________________________________.
9. Economic uncertainty and social pressures have cased the Russian birthrate in recent years to ____________.
10. In addition to major economic problems, Russia also has major problems with ____________.