Emergency Contraception / Emergency Department

NUR 2633 Maternal Child Health Nursing

Module 2 Discussion

Emergency Contraception / Emergency Department

Complete the discussion in Group A or B as assigned by the instructor and then respond to the alternate group. All students are required to review all posts for general knowledge. Keep in mind that you will earn points for your initial discussion posts, as well as your responses. If you do not posts responses, you cannot earn full credit. Refer to the Discussion Rubric on how points are earned.

Group A will complete the following discussion and then respond to Group B discussion.

Emergency Contraception:

A16 year old reports to the local Family Planning clinic with concerns regarding pregnancy. She relates she had unprotected intercourse 2 nights ago and believes she may be ‘fertile’. She wants to learn more about the ‘morning after pill’

What additional information should you obtain from her?

What do you know about emergency contraception and the side effects?

What educational points should you provide to her?

Group B will complete the following discussion and respond to Group A’s discussion post.

Vaginal Bleeding in pregnancy:

A pregnant patient arrives in the Emergency Department with complaints of vaginal bleeding. You will choose the gestational age of your patient, and based on that gestational age answer the following questions:

Knowing the gestational age, provide information on LMP, and EDD

What are the possible reasons she is bleeding at this gestational age?

What are your nursing interventions for this issue, and please include education to your patient.