ENG 133 UCLA Get Anyone To Do ANYTHING Reverse Analysis Essay

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Look at these three examples of real-life self-help books. Pick one book and post one example of a character from literature, comics, TV, movies, or video games who would be motivated to read one of these books. Give three reasons why his or her motivations align with the book. Get your answers in soon, because no one will be able to post the same character twice. Any repeated characters will not be given credit.

Example work:

The book I chose for this exercise is Get Anyone To Do ANYTHING by David J. Lieberman, PH.D. And the character that I chose who would be interested in a book like this is Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether from Zootopia (2016) Bellwether is a small sheep character in Zootopia that, as from her title, is the assistant Mayor to Mayor Lionheart. Bellwether plays the main protagonist but from a backseat perspective, as she is highly cunning and manipulative on the inside but appears rather docile and submissive when addressing other characters in the film. She uses the help of other sheep/rams to do her dirty work as she puts on a façade of this innocent assistant mayor that is being mistreated by the Mayor. Here are some of the reasons she, as the character she is, would be interested in such a book:

  1. In the plot, she leads our main protagonist into fueling hatred and discrimination of Predators/Carnivorous animals through subtle manipulation to drive her narrative further. Her fake innocent façade leads the main protagonist into pushing her secret narrative and failing to see through it until its too late.
  2. Bellwether is not intimidating or comes off as a person of authority. She comes off as a pushover because of her species and her size. Being able to manipulate others into eventually doing her dirty work helps her keep this façade so that no one would suspect her if her plans ever fell through.
  3. As the assistant mayor, she has little power to push her narrative and ideals. Being able to lead a secret operation against the mayor takes cunning and she can’t do it alone. She would have to persuade others to assist her in some way/benefit, even if it involved highly illegal stunts that would make headlines in the news.

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