ENGL 5600 Composition Theory/Developing Paragraphs MOTIVATION FOR LAW SCHOOL 

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ENGL 5600 Composition Theory/Developing Paragraphs


The student’s task is to use the scenario below to redevelop it into a 3,000-word motivational statement of purpose for entering law school. Students must be intuitive and creative in developing the various paragraphs.




Walking down the streets of West Point one hot afternoon on an official assignment, I saw this woman being badly and unmercifully beaten and battered by a man I presumed was her significant other. What puzzled me most was that there were scores of onlookers and passersby, yet none of them could intervene; some were even making fun of the situation. This pricked my curiosity more. I washed as she begged and pleaded for mercy, all to no avail. I thought to intervene, but a neighbor told me, “my sister, don’t waste your time; that’s normal.” At the moment, I stood helpless with tears running down my cheeks as I watched a fellow woman being brutalized, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Out of empathy, I visited the community the following day, wanting to know what the story made this woman an object for punching.

She told me that she had been married to this man for the past ten years, and this is a part of his daily routine. Beating, rape, starvation, and endless other kinds of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Why has she stayed? Why can’t she put in for divorce and leave?

Her simple answer was, I don’t have money.

Additionally, she has six kids from this marriage which is one of the principal reasons she cannot leave. How can she afford a good lawyer that will help her win the case and even get custody of her children? Therefore, she has decided to stay and take care of her kids and accept whatever comes with it.

This lady’s experience motivates my quest for a law profession. There are thousands of such situations that we may not be aware of, which need intervention. We live in a society where people treat other people with disdain, as though they are not human. Our community is supposed to be a society of law and order. But how come these kinds of inhumane acts occur in the first place and without repercussions? These kinds of cure behaviors have dire health and emotional consequence on the demographic they affect. Some of the effects could be death by suicide, heart attack, physical disability, mental disorder, etc.

Society is under a moral obligation to step in and save those experiencing such situations and go another step further to create an environment that will prevent this from reoccurring. As I develop my purpose statement, so many questions come to mind.

1. How do we create an enabling environment for women in the state to have access to accessible or affordable legal services?

2. How do we legally remove children from such homes and create a safe space to grow up?

3. How can we ensure that abusers, whether male or female, are penalized for their actions?

The legal profession seems to be a dedicated profession that is integral to addressing the questions raised above, requiring critical attention and consolidated efforts.


I am determined to acquire the knowledge and skills of the legal profession to be well equipped and contribute to the cumbersome tasks of deviant behavior that our nation is faced with. This is the time in history when our country needs more passionate and honest women and men in the legal profession to serve.

As a nation reconstructing from the shackles of long years of civil conflict, the rule of law is a pertinent pilar for its reconstruction.

My involvement with development, young people development, and human rights advocacy work over the years with hands-on experience working in underserved communities within my country and cross-cultural working experience enlarged my horizon and placed me in a comfortable position to pursue the legal discipline. I am of the strongest conviction that I am well placed with over five years of practical experience and an in-depth understanding of human rights work that serves as a springboard for a study in a legal career.

My interest is criminal law, which will prepare me to contribute significantly to improving the rule of law in our nation in a sustainable way.

Upon completing my studies, I intend to use the knowledge and skills acquired to contribute to protecting human rights, especially women’s and children’s rights, proactive intervention against deviant behaviors, and overall improvement of the rule of law.

Henceforth, I will use legal education to help my country, continent, and world.


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