English composition

English composition

Topic 4 DQ 1

respond the below statement.(meghan) -100 words

is one of the most important pieces of writing. When the author
uses objectivity,
it allows the audience to read facts provided and interpret them the
way they want to. It is meant to portray issues in a neutral,
unbiased manner, regardless of the authors opinion. Currency is
important because outdated information is no longer accurate. Keeping
information current and updated frequently ensures the audience is
getting ample information from recent studies. Next, the use
of authority is
important because it requires acknowledgment from the audience
that the author is a credible source. Authority convinces readers to
take a “leap of faith”.

good paper can be written using objectivity, currency, and authority.
However, for the paper to go beyond expectations, the use of
“accuracy” and “putting it all together” are
necessary for a great paper. Having accuracy in
a paper gives credibility and an increased amount of readers. Putting
it all together
the material to be intertwined to make the content interesting. This
is where the paper gets put together and in a well mannered order.

respond the below statement.(courtney) -100 words

I find all five of the categories of evaluating a web page very
important in each area. However, the top three I find most important
are accuracy, currency, and authority. To know exactly who wrote the
website, give them creditability. They are putting a face to their
work and not hiding behind it. If a person hides behind their work,
there is a possibility that it is not truly their work they have done
themselves. Currency is needed to ensure that the information is up
to date and accurate. Having information that is not the most recent
update can cause confusion and misunderstanding as times change and
studies can change the way situations are handled, etc. Authority
gives the site the credentials to prove that they are who they say
they are. It also helps give them credibility.

respond the below statement.(scott) -100 words


these five different criteria was intriguing to learn. The ones that
stick out as most important to me are accuracy, authority, and
objectivity. Accuracy is about the facts and the website being
reliable for those facts. There can be many writers that do not have
editors at their disposal, to check for any errors and give it a
thumbs up. That is why accuracy is fundamentally important because
without proofread for errors it is not going to be a 100% reliable
source of information. To establish trust and reliability, one would
need credibility or authority; an author that looks good on the
surface. Some authors like provide links and contact information to
present themselves elegantly. Without that, the reader can easily be
confused about who or what is writing the following information. Do
you look for things like a possible phone number, to see if they are
really someone worth taking seriously and more direct. You can find a
list of websites that do not include the author, which can make it
difficult to know who is the person that formatted the text the way
it is. Last, but not least, comes objectivity. There must always be a
purpose behind writing, or it will all collapse. I believe this to be
crucial because that is a way of making the information more direct.
For instance, if the website on ADHD by CDC is directed towards
parents and teachers, then they would need to talk more about
children and highlight that this disorder exists in childhood.
Another thing about objectivity is bias, which can change the
accuracy of the facts being provided. The full picture may not be
included, when some facts could be left out. There needs to be a
balance between information and bias. Companies, businesses,
websites, all need to present themselves with authority, more
informative than bias and have persistent accuracy to meet the

respond the below statement.(jennifer) -100 words

my opinion, the currency of the web documents, authority of the web
documents and the accuracy if the web documents are, by far, the most
important guidelines in reviewing any web document. Currency would be
at the forefront for me due to the ever-changing world in which we
live. Nothing stays the same for very long and the advances in
medicine are constant, making the currency of the information within
the page the most important, followed by authority of the document.
Current information does not hold credibility if the information is
written by an individual that has no knowledge on the matter. If I
were to read a document about astronomy I would certainly feel
mislead if the information written was by that of a biologist. This
of course also would have a role in the accuracy of the document, a
biologist would certainly not be qualified to write a document on
astronomy. The three of these criteria combined are the most
important in writing a credible, well-informed document.

respond the below statement.(Allison) -100 words

three criteria I think will be most helpful out of the five are
accuracy, objectivity, and currency. I do believe that the three I
have stated can become an essay. The three criteria can each be a
body paragraph then the thesis and opening will flow after I do the
body paragraphs. The accuracy is who wrote the web page, objectivity
would be is the information detailed and opinions expressed by the
author and the last one I would write about is currency which means
is the document up to date. The three criteria are all important
because it lets the audience know about the information but also lets
the audience know the creditability of the web page. Everyone reads
reviews before they go out to a restaurant or a movie, so a review is
big in this day and age. A review can help the audience make a
decision about something before they ever read the web page.