English literature assignment

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There is two exercises in English Literature and the instruction is listed below:

You only need to follow the instruction of the exercises and you will be fine.

Here are the exercises:

Exercise #1:

Choose to write about one (1) of the following prompts taken from What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers by Anne Bernard and Pamela Painter.

Please write one FULL page, which you should save in a separate document (just as you did for last week’s module assignment).

1. Write on the subject “My Pet.” The only requirement is that this must be a pet you have NEVER owned. It can be anything from a kitten to a dinosaur, from a fly to a dragon. Describe what your pet looks like, how you acquired it, what it eats and where it sleeps, what tricks it can do, and how it gets on with your family, friends, neighbors, or the people at work.

2. Using the first person (”I/my/me/mine”), describe an event or action you are fairly sure you will never experience firsthand. Be very specific—the more details you incorporate the more likely it is that your reader will believe you. Include your feelings and reactions.

3. A man is having an affair with his secretary. He goes to bed with her in a motel room. When he wakes up in the morning he’s in the same motel room but the woman next to him is his wife. Two pages of dialogue. A few lines of action. We can assume description is already in place.

4. Here is the situation: You have just come out of the movie theater around seven in the evening and you are mugged—a person asks for your money, then knocks you to the ground before running away. Now, tell the account of your mugging to one of the following people: your mother, your best friend, your girlfriend or boyfriend (or wife/husband), a therapist, a police officer.

Exercise #2:

Write a flash story about one (1) of the following situations*:

1. Vowing not to bathe for an entire year, a neglected stepson becomes obsessed with a neighbor.

2. In a post-apocalyptic world, a spoiled teenager uncovers a hidden family secret.

3. Longing for a simpler life, an out-of-work writer gets trapped in a parallel universe.

4. While dog-sitting, an unsuccessful comedian develops short-term memory loss.

5. After too many cups of coffee, a single mother of three slowly transforms into a centaur.

6. After being left at the alter, a pathological liar goes on a game show.

The story (or poem, if you like) should be one-page long, and turned in as a 2nd document.


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