ENMT307 Module 1 Discussion (November 2019)

ENMT 307 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Module 1 Discussion

What is GIS?

After reading the Week 1 GIS Articles under Module 1, please complete the required task and respond to one or more of the following questions. After making your initial response (primary post), come back in a day or so to respond to the postings of your classmates (secondary post).


1) Look at the various different GIS definitions covered in Chapter 1 (GIS Commons). Why are they different? How can the definition of GIS vary by discipline? What will your personal definition of GIS be?

2) Find a photograph of a landscape (can be human scale, picture from vacation, aerial photo, or even satellite image). Make a list of what features on the image fall into the classes of points, lines, and area (polygons). Any exceptions? If you have features that might be one or the other, then explain your decision. Make sure you attach your picture to your post or paste it within your post.

3) Describe three different applications that are often performed using GIS. Try to think of everyday examples that your classmates can relate to. Feel free to include pictures/diagrams to illustrate your examples.