Epidemiology articles

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instructions attch.

8 Articles (missing 4 articles any that’s related would help)

Smoking During Pregnancy and Risk of Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the Third Generation


Smoking in Pregnancy and Child ADHD


Maternal and paternal smoking during pregnancy and risk of ADHD symptoms in offspring: testing for intrauterine effects


Smoking in Pregnancy and Child ADHD


Prenatal Smoking Might Not Cause Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Evidence from a Novel Design


Maternal and Paternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Risk of ADHD Symptoms in Offspring: Testing for Intrauterine Effects


Maternal Smoking and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Offspring: A Meta-analysis


Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and ADHD: A Comprehensive Clinical and Neurocognitive Characterization


Directions. For Group Project , each student group will present a power -point presentation of their systematic review. Everyone in the group needs to be present for the presentation and participate in the presentation on the day/time assigned in order to receive credit. The presentation should be approximately 15 minutes should consists of the following components. The group should prepare for a 5 minute Q&A after the presentation.

Components of the group presentation.

1. A description of the research question and the hypothesis.

Research question: Is smoking cigarettes during pregnancy a potential cause of offspring ADHD.

2. A flow chart of 12 journal articles selected and excluded from the Pub Med search along with key words.

3. A table of evidence with all 12 of the articles included in the systematic review.

4. A discussion of the journal articles included in the review including the type of study designs, people included, number of subjects, issues related to systematic biases and any other important information.

5. A summary of the quality criteria for the studies selected.

6. A description of findings including statistical information (optional to include a forest plot).

7. The decision of the group regarding the research question based on the empirical evidence from the systematic review.


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