Essay on the core ideas of Radical Islam

My essay prompt is simply:

“In a paper of four pages, please explain the ideas as the core of radical Islam, as embodied in Seyyid Qutb’s work, Milestones.”

As the prompt says, the essay is to draw heavily from Milestones, a book by Seyyid Qutb.

I’ve read most of the book and understand the main concepts, however the book is just so repetitive and all over the place that I’m having trouble coming up with asolid organization for the essay. How should I divide it and what should I cover?

The prof. also included a list of terms which he says is a “study guide”. So I’m assuming these are main ideas he wants addressed.

Qur’an (p. 16) – or Koran
Hadith (p. 16)
Jaahiliyyah (This is the critical concept for Qutb), p. 19
Jahili, p. 20
Al-Shari’ah (Sharia)
Jihaad (Jihad)
Dar Ur-Islam (p. 63)
Dar Ul-Harb (p. 118)

So again, what would be a good solid way of structuring this paper? For four pages I would think I could do three or four “core ideas” that I could talk about forseveral paragraphs each. I just don’t know what they should be. Perhaps a thesis statement would help get me started?

Appreciate all help. This is my first time using this service. I am not a lazy student — I’ve done my work, I’m just stuck.