Ethical and Critical Thinking Questions

Ethical and Critical Thinking Questions

Consider the case of Mary Mallon, aka Typhoid Mary. The issue you are exploring is her treatment by the state of New York and the public health department. Do you support her treatment and isolation throughout her life or do you not support her treatment and isolation? Think about the relevance of her case to society today.

1. Explain the ethical question and explain why it is a question that needs to be analyzed. Why is this specific question one that society must analyze? (minimum 2 paragraphs)

2. Using the 8 Key Questions, which ones do you find the most important when analyzing this particular question? Explain why you chose each question. Do not discuss all 8 questions, only discuss the ones that you feel are the most important to this issue. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

3. Discuss your viewpoint on this issue and how your answers to the 8 Key Questions influenced your thought. Be specific in your view. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

4. How have your life experiences influenced the formation of your viewpoint and your answers to the 8 Key Questions? Be specific. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

5. What factual evidence supports your viewpoint? Explain this evidence. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

6. Which stakeholders support your viewpoint and how do their answers to the 8 Key Questions influence their viewpoint? Explain their stake in this issue. (minimum 2 paragraphs)

7. If your viewpoint was accepted by society, what would be the implications and consequences (both good and bad) for each of the stakeholders and all of society? (minimum 2 paragraphs)

8. Describe viewpoint(s) on the issue that differ from yours. Explain the facts, stakeholders, and their responses to the 8 Key Questions that support the opposing viewpoint(s). Discuss the implications and consequences of each of the different viewpoints were accepted by society. (minimum 3 paragraphs)

Remember that a paragraph is defined as 5-7 relevant sentences.

You must have at least 4 references. These must be listed in a references page and identified through in-text citation in either APA or MLA format. 100 points.

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