Ethics and IT Management

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Portfolio Project

Choose one case from the following list (all available in Reynolds, 2014 – Attached textbook).

  • IBM–A Front-Runner in Sustainability (Chapter 1)
  • Ethical and Business Setbacks for Nokia (Chapter 1)
  • Whistle-Blower Claims Accounting Shenanigans at Success Factors (Chapter 2)
  • IBM and the State of Indiana Involved in a Breach of Contract Dispute (Chapter 2)
  • When Certification Is Justified (Chapter 2)
  • Anonymous and Social Hacktivism (Chapter 3)
  • “Extraterritorial Jurisdiction” Puts Citizen Data at Risk (Chapter 4)
  • Facebook Troubles with User Privacy (Chapter 4)
  • Google Collects Unprotected Wireless Network Information (Chapter 4)
  • Lawsuits Aimed at Yelp and Its Reviewers (Chapter 5)
  • WikiLeaks Continues to Post Classified Materials (Chapter 5)
  • Facebook, Freedom of Speech, Defamation, and Cyberbullying (Chapter 5)
  • Google Book Search Library Project (Chapter 6)
  • Kaiser Permanente Implements Electronic Health Record (EHR) System (Chapter 8)
  • Procter & Gamble Turns to Social Networking (Chapter 9)
  • Facebook Raises Privacy Issues (Chapter 9)

Imagine that you have been hired to review the case to help the company involved to correct the problems that caused the issues. Develop a report that includes the following elements:

  • Analyze the case from all possible ethical angles
  • Discuss who is affected
  • Identify the legal aspects of the case
  • Identify legal versus ethical problems (i.e., something may be legal but unethical)
  • Construct possible solutions to the ethical issues in the case (this might include a training option).

Use at least three to four scholarly references for support. Your well-written paper should be 7-9 pages in length and formatted according to APA requirements. Plagiarism policy is strict, please provide in-line citations wherever applicable. quoted citations is also good enough. Proof-read the document before completion. The paper needs to be simple essay format with Introduction, Body and appropriate conclusion.

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