Examine whether you are satisfied with the way you assess your students. Do you have questions about assessing students?Do you have changes in mind that you would like to implement in your assessm

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Examine whether you are satisfied with the way you assess your students.

  • Do you have questions about assessing students?
  • Do you have changes in mind that you would like to implement in your assessment practice?
  • Is your school administration open to changes in assessments?

If you are not currently teaching and have not taught in the past, please respond to the following:

  • Do you have questions about assessing students?
  • What types of assessment would you implement in your classroom? Why?
  • How would you approach school administration about changes in assessments?
  • cite atleast two outside sources and two from the ones provided below.
  • References

1. Butler, S. and McMunn, N. (2009). A teacher’s guide to classroom assessment: Understanding and using assessment to improve student learning. Jossey-Bass. Retrieved from here.

  • Read pp: 1-12. This article introduces you will find a well-researched global history of assessment.

2. Buskirk-Cohen, A. and Duncan, T. (2011). Exploring learner-centered assessment: a cross-disciplinary approach, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 23 (2), 246-259.   https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ946150.pdf.

  • In this article, you will find a clear comparison of traditional assessment and learner-centered assessment.

3. Huba, M. and Freed, J. (2000). Comparison of teacher-centered and learner-centered paradigms. Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses. http://www.archive.jfn.ac.lk/OBESCL/MOHE/SCL-articles/Academic-articles/20.Teacher-centered-vs-learner-centered-paradigms.pdf

  • This ‘Comparison of teacher-centered and learner-centered paradigms’ is a quick read of the main aspects of both paradigms.

4. Knowly. (2020, July 22).  Assessment vs evaluation: what’s the difference? EasyLMS. https://www.onlineassessmenttool.com/knowledge-center/assessment-knowledge-center/assessment-vs-evaluation/item10642

  • This website offers a practical explanation of the difference between assessment and evaluation.

5. Rethinking classroom assessment with purpose in mind. (2006). Manitoba.  https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/assess/wncp/full_doc.pdf

  • Read the Introduction and Chapter 1. This document presents important facets of assessment; it will make you reflect on the assessment FOR, AS, and OF learning, and it suggests strategies to be applied in the classroom. This document will be used for your group project.

6. Schreurs, J., & Dumbraveanu, R. (2014). A shift from teacher centered to learner centered approach. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP),4(3), 36. doi:10.3991/ijep.v4i3.3395. Retrieved from https://online-journals.org/index.php/i-jep/article/view/3395/3192

  • This article explains the shift from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning and this fostered the emergence of assessment as we know it today.



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