Exercise 3-4 Physical Flow of Units 1 answer below »

Unit 3: Unit Costs for Decision Making

Chapter 3 Exercise 3-4 Physical Flow of Units [LO 1] In each case below, fill in the missing amount.

Work in Process, October 1 5,000 gallons
Units started during October ?
Units completed during October 15,000 gallons
Work in Process, October 31 2,000 gallons

Work in Process, March 1 16,000 tons
Units started during March 3,500 tons
Units completed during March 14,400 tons
Work in Process, March 31 ?

Work in Process, December 1 250,000 pounds
Units started during December 900,000 pounds
Units completed during December ?
Work in Process, December 31 350,000 pounds

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