Exercise 5-25 Inventory Costing Methodsâ??Periodic SystemThe following information is available conc

Exercise 5-25 Inventory Costing Methods—Periodic SystemThe following information is available concerning the inventory of Carter Inc.:UnitsUnit CostBeginning inventory200$10Purchases:March 530011June 1240012August 2325013October 215015During the year, Carter sold 1,000 units. It uses a periodic inventory system.Required1. Calculate ending inventory and cost of goods sold for each of the following three methods:a. Weighted averageb. FIFOc. LIFO2. Assume an estimated tax rate of 30%. How much more or less (indicate which) will Carter pay in taxes by using FIFO instead of LIFO? Explain your answer.3. Assume that Carter prepares its financial statements in accordance with IFRS. Which costing method should it use to pay the least amount of taxes? Explain your answer.